What Can you do About Missing Shingles on Your Roof?

When you look up at your roof, do you notice that shingles are slowing missing or falling off your roof like the picture below?  You have to take care of this.  Even though water may not be pouring into your home today, it has a path to the wood deck underneath and over time will [...]

Do you have nail pops on your roof in Atlanta, Ga?

This exposed nail could cause you water damage to your decking as well as your attic or soffit.  Do you have any of these on your roof?   After an inspection of this roof, we found many nail pops and their respective holes that caused water to penetrate the decking and cause water damage in [...]

What can happen if you ignore your roof?

Many people ignore their roof and all of the warning signs that draw attention to the problem.  Here's a customer that ignored their roof for too long on a rental property.  Sometimes it's not feasible to expect a new roof to solve your problems.... Especially if you've been ignoring your responsibility to maintain it.  Wood [...]

Roof Inspection Reveals a Faulty Roof Installation

Ever been up on your roof?  Most people haven't.  They think that if it isn't leaking, everything is fine.  They might even see something that looks weird and ignore it.  Take a look at this person's roof that we inspected last week.  It was re-shingled when the existing roof should have been removed, decking inspected [...]

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