Types of Repairs

Do you have nail pops on your roof in Atlanta, Ga?

This exposed nail could cause you water damage to your decking as well as your attic or soffit.  Do you have any of these on your roof?   After an inspection of this roof, we found many nail pops and their respective holes that caused water to penetrate the decking and cause water damage in [...]

What can happen if you ignore your roof?

Many people ignore their roof and all of the warning signs that draw attention to the problem.  Here's a customer that ignored their roof for too long on a rental property.  Sometimes it's not feasible to expect a new roof to solve your problems.... Especially if you've been ignoring your responsibility to maintain it.  Wood [...]

Do you see water stains near your fireplace?

  This customer called us out because he noticed water coming down the wall near the fireplace. Our technician performed an inspection which revealed the siding around the chimney was failing and allowing the water intrusion. We replaced the damaged siding and reflashed the affected areas and now this homeowner no longer has a leaky [...]

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