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Customer Project Spotlight

Castle Roofing Atlanta GA

Penetration Replacement and Shingle Repair in Mableton GA

The customer called and stated the following on our initial phone call:

"I have a leak in my roof."

Actual Repairs Done:

Pipe boot and box vent replacements

What other option was the homeowner considering, and what did they decide to do?

Maintenance to the penetrations; however, he would have continued to have a leak.

Gutter and Flashing Repair - Barclay Cl NW Atlanta, GA 2.jpeg

What could happen if they do nothing?

Free Inspections - Same Day Service

The leak would continue to rot the decking and ceiling in his home

What was the cheapest option available, and the most expensive option available?

Least- $1,900
Most- $12,500

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