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Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Project Spotlight

Gutter Repair Northwest Atlanta, GA 30327

Customer called and stated the following on our initial phone call, "Squirrels are eating through the siding and exterior wood on my home, and getting access to the inside of my home".

Actual Repairs Done:

Install custom metal flashing, drip edge flashing and seal the miters (corners) of their gutters.

What other option was the homeowner considering, and what did they decide to do?

The other option for the customer was to install all new gutters and install all new drip edge.

What could happen if they do nothing?

If the client did not repair then they would have been looking at thousands of dollars of repairs on their soffit, fascia and gutters.

What was the cheapest option available, and the most expensive option available?

Least - $680 for flashing repair and gutter repair

Most - $6,000-$8,000

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