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Atlanta Home Repair Service



Repair –   Need a gutter resloped?  Seam Repair?  The solution to your dripping rain gutter might be resolved with a repair of your existing gutters.  Send us a picture of the problem to

Replacement – Installation and repair of new seamless aluminum gutters.  Available in 5 or 6 inch.

Gutter Cleaning – This maintenance service is best performed if done twice a year. We visit your home for gutter and drain cleaning along with a visual inspection and report of the roof. The service involves clearing all gutters and waterways, and assess and report vulnerable points in the roof system that could deteriorate and possibly leak in the future. With the roof inspection, we specifically focus on metal from HVAC units or the state of other penetrations such as plumbing pipes, roof vents, or ridge vent. Our goal is to inspect and look for damage to the roof system, flashings, or other items caused by wear and tear from severe weather such as high winds, hail, and severe storms.



Repair – Is your siding faded, falling apart, damaged, exposing nails, loose, or just in need of some attention?  We can make the necessary repairs to get you back on track and keep your home secure.

Replacement – Want to make the outside of your house look beautiful again?  Is it time to replace the siding on the entire house?  Castle can do that for you.  New siding dramatically changes the look of your home.  With proper installation, your home is protected from moisture.  Your home is carefully wrapped with a water vapor barrier. The J-channel that the siding sits in are mitered properly, this sheds the water away while holding your siding securely in place.

Fascia/Soffit Repairs:


Weather can take its toll on your home from time to time.  Sometimes a leak isn’t coming just from a roof.  Has your wood rotted behind or under your gutters?  Does it need to be replaced?  Castle can do that for you and with new paint, your home will be looking just as it should.



Castle offers interior and exterior residential painting services.

For any of these services, click “Book Now” and schedule your service online. Or you can Call or email us to schedule additional services 877-766-3910

Looking to finance your project? Call us at (877) 766-3910 or schedule service online and let us know that you would like to apply to finance your repair or project.

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