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Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Project Spotlight

Roof Leak in Kitchen Northwest Atlanta, GA 30318

Customer called and stated the following on our initial phone call, "My rental property is having a roof leak in the kitchen".

Actual Repairs Done:

Remove and replace 12 sq ft of damaged shingles, repair pipe boot and clean gutters.

What other option was the homeowner considering, and what did they decide to do?

The customer was planning on replacing their roof, as they weren't aware that their roof didn't have to be replaced.

What could happen if they do nothing?

The leak was directly over their kitchen stove. If they did not fix their roof leak, not only would they experience serious exterior damage, but they could have also had damage to their appliance and potentially electrical issues.

What was the cheapest option available, and the most expensive option available?

Least - $2,600 for flashing repair and gutter repair

Most - $9,500-$10,200

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