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Do you have nail pops on your roof in Atlanta, Ga?

This exposed nail could cause you water damage to your decking as well as your attic or soffit. Do you have any of these on your roof? After an inspection of this roof, we found many nail pops and their respective holes that caused water to penetrate the decking and cause water damage in the attic. We recommended partially replacing the decking and removing other nail pops and sealing them to prevent further damage.

Many older homes have been known to have nail pops. Older homes from 1950 and older are subject to more nail pops than never built homes due to the fact that regulations have changed. Looking at the damage this could cause is a reason why you should always have an inspector come out and view your home every 3-5 years. Inspectors can save you time and money when looking into getting your roof repaired.

Nail pops are a common problem in roofing. They occur when nails work their way out of the roof deck and become visible on the inside of the attic. Nail pops can be a nuisance and can also indicate a more serious problem with your roofing system. In this article, we will discuss what nail pops are, why they occur, and how to fix them.

What are Nail Pops?

Nail pops occur when roofing nails work their way out of the roof deck, creating a small bump in the roofing material. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but typically it's due to the expansion and contraction of the roof deck as temperatures change. This movement can cause the nails to loosen, which can result in nail pops.

Why Do Nail Pops Occur?

Nail pops can occur for a variety of reasons, including improper installation, poor quality nails, and incorrect nailing patterns. Some common causes of nail pops include:

  • Improper Nailing: If the nails are not installed correctly, they can work their way out of the roof deck over time.

  • Poor Quality Nails: Low-quality nails can easily bend and become loose, which can lead to nail pops.

  • Incorrect Nailing Pattern: The spacing and pattern of nails is important to ensure that they are evenly distributed and hold the roofing material securely in place.

  • Weather: The expansion and contraction of the roof deck as temperatures change can cause nail pops.

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