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Examples Of Improper Roof Repairs in Atlanta, Ga

These pictures show how unsightly and very ineffective from a long term perspective some home repairs can be. Since most people don’t get on their roof, if you choose a company that does not have a track record for making effective repairs and has the reviews and referrals to back the workmanship claims, you may end up with a repair like this one. Many times, a homeowner may receive an estimate with a price that seems attractive, but the repair may last a month or two, and the damages can be very costly and lead to more expenses.

Improper roof repairs can lead to serious consequences and result in additional expenses for homeowners. To avoid these issues, it's essential to understand some common examples of improper roof repairs.

  1. Improper flashing installation: Flashing is a critical component in protecting the roof's joints and valleys from water damage. If it's not installed correctly, water can penetrate the roof and cause significant damage. Improper flashing installation can also lead to leaks and mold growth.

  2. Using incorrect materials: It's essential to use the right materials when repairing a roof. For example, depending on the situation, if a homeowner tries to patch a leak with silicone only or roofing tar instead of replacing the roof component that has failed such as the missing shingles, roof vent, or pipe boot, the repair may not last long and will eventually lead to further damage.

  3. Ignoring underlying issues: Sometimes, roof problems are symptoms of larger issues, such as structural problems or poor ventilation. Ignoring these issues and only repairing the roof's surface can lead to recurring problems and further damage.

  4. Incomplete repairs: When roof repairs are not done thoroughly, it can result in missed spots and leaks that can cause significant damage. A complete repair involves addressing all areas that are damaged and ensuring that they are properly sealed.

  5. Improper roof ventilation: Proper roof ventilation is essential to the roof's longevity and overall health. Improper roof ventilation can lead to moisture buildup and damage to the roof's structure.

The pictures you see show gaps between the shingles and fascia (pictured below) that could allow water and vermin to get into the attic. In the second picture, there is a valley that has been improperly repaired. This home belongs to an actual homeowner we visited and they actually paid someone to leave them with this mess. In this home, the gaps needed to be sealed and the damaged area in the valley needs be ripped out and redone by installing new felt paper, ice and water shield, and then new shingles.

With a proper repair, the home could stay dry and avoid sustaining additional damage. Good thing this homeowner sent someone else to look up there and is taking action. The rest of the roof was fine and with these repairs, they should stay dry for years to come.

Feel free to have Castle come out and look at your roof. You never know what we may find up there.


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