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How do I find a good roofing company?

When dealing with a roofing emergency or searching for a roofer to do an annual inspection, you need to ensure you're dealing with a quality contractor.

Finding Quality Roofing Companies

Defining "quality" is subjective, but if your first choice turns out to be a dud, that's not a good sign. When speaking with various contractors, consider asking them these questions:

How long is their operating history in the roofing business?

While you might want cut corners and save money by hiring a roofer from the classified ads, be wary of any contractor offering a quote that's too good to be true. Reputable roofing companies will be able to show you several years of performance history.

What is their licensing and insurance status?

If a contractor has decades in the roofing industry, odds are they are properly licensed and insured. While this isn't definitive proof of their competence or craftsmanship, it's a good sign that your roofer will take safety precautions seriously.

How many roofs have they worked on or completed?

While it's impossible to know precisely how experienced a contractor is before you sign on the dotted line, ask them for previous client references to get a better idea of their experience. Further, check the local BBB to see any consumer complaints filed against your potential roofer.

What will they do to protect my roof?

Be careful about assuming that your roofer will do everything they can to protect the longevity of your current roof, you may want to confirm this before signing an official contract.

What kind of warranty do they offer?

When making a significant investment in a new roof or a roofing repair, you'll want to be covered in case things go awry. Ask your roofer how long the warranty period is and what it covers.

How much do they charge?

While many roofing contractors charge a flat rate, some may provide an estimate based on the square footage of your house or the type of job that needs to get done. To avoid confusion, make sure you understand their invoice quote. Most reputable roofing companies offer a free, no-obligation quote before starting any project work.

What materials do they use on the roofing system?

Choosing a roofing material can be tricky. First, it's essential to consider your local weather and typical temperature fluctuations for the best possible roofing system. Some options include asphalt, slate, or metal roofs.

After asking these fundamental questions, you should better grasp whether the roofing company is a good fit for your project. So, if you reside in the Greater Atlanta area and need help with any roofing project, call the pros at Castle Roofing to get all of your questions answered!

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