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Are you Ignoring Your Roof Maintenance duties?

Have you noticed debris piling up on your roof? If you have, then it may look something like the picture below. Leaves, pine needles, and tree branches can build up on the valleys of your roof where water is diverted to run down to the gutters. When enough debris collects, it can build a dam and prevent the water from flowing properly into the gutter system or down the house. The debris also acts as a sponge which will just sit there and saturate this concentrated portion of your roof. Most roof leaks occur over time. The effects of leaving debris on your roof like this include rotten wood, rotten rafters, and water intrusion or leaks into your home. Homeowners ignore their roof maintenance duties and soon after start to witness signs of a failing roof. Just because your roof isn’t currently leaking doesn’t mean that it won’t eventually, especially when debris builds up on it.

Routine maintenance is required when leaves and pine needles start to pile up on your roof. If you are too nervous to remove the debris, give Castle a call and we can send one of our roofing specialists to assist you and also provide you with a free inspection.


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