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What can happen if you ignore your roof?

Many people ignore their roof and all of the warning signs that draw attention to the problem. Here’s a customer that ignored their roof for too long on a rental property. Sometimes it’s not feasible to expect a new roof to solve your problems…. Especially if you’ve been ignoring your responsibility to maintain it. Wood rot and age is why we were called out to this property. Not every home is structurally sound enough to accept a new roof. In this case, we’ve recommended a general contractor assess the property prior to beginning any roofing work.

The lesson to learn here is that if you think you are saving money by ignoring your problems, you might actually be creating a much more expensive problem. All homes are built from the ground up, not the other way around. Always consider that when you ignore a leak.

Call now and we’ll be happy to inspect your property.

When your roof is damaged or vulnerable, it leaves your house exposed to the elements. That's why you mustn't ignore potential problems. Here are some of the risks that might arise if you neglect your roof:

Interior Damage - Roof leaks are especially problematic. Not only does it allow rain and moisture to get inside your home, but it can also cause damage to your walls and ceilings. If you have been experiencing leaks or dampness in your living space, this is a sure sign your roofing has a problem.

Leaks can result from many issues, such as damaged shingles, cracks in the support structure, or poorly installed flashing. Pay attention to where the leaks are coming from and consider having a professional inspect your roof.

Black Mold - Water damage to your roof can result in mold growth. As you know, black mold is hazardous and harmful to your health. Not only that, but it's expensive to remediate! If you have black spots on your ceilings or walls that don't go away after a thorough cleaning, this might be a sign that there is mold somewhere in your home.

More Expensive Energy Bills - If your roof is damaged, it may result in higher energy costs. That's because the air leaks could cause insulation and temperature control problems. It will be much harder to keep your house warm during winter or cool during the summer if you have leaks costing you money on your utility bills.

Lower Property Values - If your roof is leaking, rusting, or damaged in any way, your house is less attractive to potential buyers. When this type of repair is needed, it's more challenging to sell your property. And, you may have to ask for a lower price since this represents a significant repair expense for potential buyers.

Safety Hazards - Roofs that are damaged may pose a severe safety hazard for those on your property. If your roof is leaking, it could weaken the structure or cause dangerous conditions, making it more challenging and riskier to navigate around the home. The faster you make moves to remediate a leaking roof, the better. It's vital to repair any issues as soon as possible so you aren't putting anyone in danger due to faulty or unsafe conditions.

Get The Help You Need For A Damaged Roof

Problems with your roof are one of the leading causes of expensive home repairs. If you suspect a leaking roof in your Atlanta, Georgia, area home, there are many reasons why choose Castle Roofing. We're here to help. We offer roof repairs and new roof replacement services you can count on for quality craft. Call us today!


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