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When Should You Pay a Roofer?

For many homeowners, the idea of a roofer asking to be paid upfront for their services and repairs is frightening. But, should you be scared if a potential situation like this arises?

The short answer is this:

  • Asking for payment in full for a roofing project in cash upfront is an obvious red flag.

  • Ensure you check the roofer's reputation before handing over a deposit. Asking for a deposit is often a legitimate request.

You may have come across a roofer who wants 'cash-up front' for services and repairs. If this is the case, do not fall prey to these types of offers. The best way to avoid complications or confusion is to get a project estimate before starting work that outlines the scope of the job and includes estimated costs for materials, parts, and labor.

If you've selected a roofing company, discuss payment. Of course, you should never pay the balance in total for a roofing job. You can, however, agree to a deposit upfront so that the project is started on your schedule and completed when you're ready.

If the roofing contractor messes up the job and has all of your money, you're in a difficult position. But if they mess up or don't finish the job and don't have any (or any remaining) of your funds, then you can pay someone else to do it right.

Want to make sure your deposit is legitimate? Research the company and have them make a list of projects or services they've completed in your area.

How Large of a Deposit Should You Give the Roofer?

A roofer's deposit is similar to earnest money in the real estate industry. Creating a timeline for when you should pay upfront varies depending on the project. A larger deposit may be required, but typically it is less than one-third of the total cost.

Regardless of the amount of the deposit, always pay via check or credit rather than cash. Cash doesn't create a record if there is an issue with your roof, meaning it will be difficult for you to prove that payment occurred if work wasn't satisfactory and disputes arise.

With all the options out there for roofers, many of us can be overwhelmed by the process. Because it's such a significant decision, you want to make sure that everything is laid out clearly in writing for you and that nothing was left unclear.

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