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Your roof may be leaking from a vent Call Today!

We inspected this roof for a customer complaining of a leak. Upon inspection, we discovered that the pipe vent was not secured and allowing water to intrude into the interior of the home.

The homeowner agreed to the repairs and we removed the damaged shingles, installed a moisture barrier, new shingles, and a new vent. No more leaks for this customer!

Brown spots on the ceiling and walls are never a good thing, but it can be a little terrifying when the roof is leaking into your home. However, when you take a closer look, you may find that the culprit behind the leak isn't necessarily the roof itself. In some cases, your problem may stem from issues with your attic vent.

Vents are a vital part of any roof, as they allow proper airflow and ventilation, which keeps the entire roof cooler and less susceptible to heat damage. However, several common problems with vents can potentially cause issues that we'll discuss below.

Failure In The Pipe Boot - Most commonly for hip roofs, a failure in the pipe boot will often lead to the accumulation of water and debris within the vent itself. The result is typically low airflow and increased heat, which forces the roof to expand and contract more frequently than it would with proper ventilation. That can cause tiles to crack and weaken your roof's structure.

Poor Installation - If your roof installation has defective materials or isn't adequately secured, this could also lead to an accumulation of water and debris within the vent. This issue typically arises in the case of improper nailing, which can result in a separation between each course of shingles.

Water Stagnation - Although this problem sounds similar to poor installation, this is a unique case where water is n cut off from the pipe boot. If this continues without repair for a long time, it can lead to water and debris buildup and an increase in heat.

Successive Leaks - Similar to poor installation, consecutive leaks will typically come from shingles with improper installation. That is often seen in the case of improper nailing but can also get caused by cracked shingles or broken tabs, which typically occur when the roofing material is over five years old.

Wind Damage - High winds and significant gusts can contribute to the accumulation of debris or tear away improperly secured shingles, resulting in damage to the vent itself.

Remember - your roof is the first line of defense your home has against the elements. When the vent is not performing as it should, this can often lead to severe damage.

Get Help For Your Roofing Issues In Atlanta, Georgia

If you suspect issues with your pipe boot or you're experiencing other problems with your roofing system, hiring a roofer in Atlanta, GA, to diagnose your roof is the fastest way to remedy the issue.

The expert roofing contractors at Castle Roofing can identify any problems with airflow, ventilation, heat, or other complications that could lead to future leaks in your home.

Contact us today to save yourself headaches later!


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