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Customer Project Spotlight

Castle Roofing Atlanta GA

Crack in Home Window Hogansville GA

The customer called and stated the following on our initial phone call:

"I have a crack in one of my windows"

Actual Repairs Done:

Remove the lower window pane, and install a new replacement window pane.

What other option was the homeowner considering, and what did they decide to do?

Most companies would have recommended the customer to replace the entire window. Which was unnecessary, as only the lower window pane was damaged.

Gutter and Flashing Repair - Barclay Cl NW Atlanta, GA 2.jpeg

What could happen if they do nothing?

Free Inspections - Same Day Service

Not replacing the cracked window pane would have resulted in higher utility bills, as the window was allowing heat to escape from the home. Not replacing the damaged glass also posed a safety risk.

What was the cheapest option available, and the most expensive option available?

Least- $900
Most- $$1,000-$1,200

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