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Customer Project Spotlight

Castle Roofing Atlanta GA

Fascia and Soffit Repair Wood Rot Repair - Skyland Trail NE Atlanta, GA

The customer called and stated the following on our initial phone call:

"I have some wood rot on my home"

Actual Repairs Done:

-Remove and replace 22 ft of rotted fascia
-Remove and replace 48 sq ft of rotted soffit
-Caulk and paint repaired areas to match the existing paint as close as possible
-Remove and replace 10 ft of damaged gutter

What other option was the homeowner considering, and what did they decide to do?

Another company quoted the customer to paint over all her soffit and fascia. While it would have looked new and pretty, it would not have corrected the actual issue and it would have cost the client thousands of dollars.

Gutter and Flashing Repair - Barclay Cl NW Atlanta, GA 2.jpeg

What could happen if they do nothing?

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If nothing were to be done, the soffit and fascia would continue to rot. The gutter would begin to pull away from the cornice, and the water would begin to penetrate the roofing components.

What was the cheapest option available, and the most expensive option available?

Least- $2,400
Most- $10,000-$11,000

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