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Trusted Roofing in Decatur, GA

We Service the City of Decatur, GA Since 2012

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Have a tough problem that requires the best roofers in Decatur, GA? Call Castle Roofing and Construction at (470) 202-4018.

Don’t forget to ask about possible coupons for our roofing, reroofing, or roof repair services!

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Ensure you have the best roofing company in Decatur, GA, for a roof emergency. The Castle Roofing and Construction team is ready to help you with all your roofing needs. From a small roof repair to an entirely new roof, we've got you covered!

Have you seen some of our reviews? Most of our customers give us 5 out of 5 stars!

Our roofing professionals are...

  • Experienced in servicing all roofing styles and sizes. There is no project that’s too big for our Decatur Roofing Pros!

  • Available 24/4.

  • Friendly and customer-oriented

  • Courteous and kind! We treat every home like it’s our own!

Our Roofing Decatur, GA Services Include:

Re-Roofing or New Roof Installation

Installing a new roof on their home intimidates many people. After all, a new roof sounds like quite a large construction type of project. In fact, it is a large construction project. It may be the largest home improvement you ever do.

Ensure you don't simply opt for the cheapest individual in town when selecting from Decatur roofing companies. Choose a company that has plenty of positive reviews and a good reputation.

A new roof installation is not like comparing the price of groceries. It’s a huge undertaking. Call Castle Roofing, and we will ensure your project is completed.

Roof Repairs

Not all repairs are the same; many different types of roofs exist. If there is a way for water to enter your home, it will make a way! Make sure you hire a professional roofer with the knowledge to detect the source of the problem.

Our experts use the latest methods to find the problem. We also have knowledge of multiple trades, which is important for troubleshooting your roofing issues.

Emergency Roof Repair

If your damaged roof begins to leak, stopping the water from entering to protect your home is crucial. We also understand that big storms, high winds, and hail don’t always happen during normal business hours.

We answer our phones 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We even answer our phones on the holidays. If you need emergency roof repairs, call Castle Roofing.

Insurance Claims for Roofing

If a storm has damaged your home in the Decatur, GA, area, you may not know where to go next. What’s the next step?

Dealing with an insurance company can be confusing. You may not even understand what you’re paying for.

Let Castle Roofing and Construction near Decatur, GA handle all the insurance confusion. You can have peace of mind that Castle Roofing will take care of it.

Property Management Roofing Services

We understand that some roofing services in Decatur can’t handle a large project like an apartment building.

Castle Roofing has local licensing and specializes in large apartment buildings and big roofing projects. Castle Roofing has proven to be reliable and trustworthy! We are one of the best property management services in your area.

Home Repairs, Roofing, Roof Replacement, and Roof Repair in Decatur, GA:


Looking to finance your project?
Contact us at (470) 202-4018 or schedule service online if you desire to finance your repair or project.

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