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How Did This Customer Get a Hole in Their Roof?

This is quite a big hole! Believe it or not, when we took the roof off of this Alpharetta, GA home last week, they had a section of their roof deck that measured almost three feet in diameter that was rotten.

In the middle of the rot, surprisingly, the wood had deteriorated to the point that there was a hole that an apple could fit through! You would never be able to tell by looking at the roof before the shingles were taken off.

The customer called us because the roof was leaking horribly into their bedroom upstairs. Why did this happen? When the house was built, the contractors that worked on their roof left nail holes in the shingles and did not seal them. This roof was about 10 years old and over those 10 years, each time it rained, water worked its way through those holes until it rotted away that wood.

They actually had rotten wood all over their home. What should you learn from this? It’s never a bad idea to have your roof looked at. If you’re not paying attention and you just wait until it’s too late, you will have to replace it. In the case of this homeowner, they could have paid a few hundred dollars years ago and their roof would still be in good shape today.

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